The dawn of a new age

It seems apt that my first blog entry should come at the end of the first club event that I have organised and run and where the old club handed over to the new club, James stepped down as leader and I took on that (heavy) mantle of responsibility.

I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of the launch weekend here as I am sure there will be plenty of information and pictures elsewhere as well as a full report in the next magazine, the first of the new club. Watch out for it through your letterbox around the end of February - I will post regularly here as the painfull process of its birth comes to fruition! Enough to say that whilst I maintained an outward visage of calm composure underneath I was desperately paddling to keep things afloat.

I suppose the best proof of the weekend was the feedback from all those there and this was certainly very positive and I thank-you all for the kind words, to my knowledge all had a good time.

Here's to the next one which is already in the planning stage........