Adopting road sealant to strengthen winter road maintenance

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November 27 morning, green crossing line Kambula scenic area Likan section k3 + 000 occurred in the mountain slump, resulting in the traffic section of the interruption. Xunhua highway section in the first time to start the highway emergency rescue plan, and actively organize personnel,asphalt repair materials market machinery repair. In view of the collapse of the slope at the top of the unstable rock body, broken crushed stone serious crushing, rock mass at any time the risk of slump, resulting in rescue work can not be normal, and forced to stop. Recycling highway section commissioned geological experts for geological survey and assessment, timely release of landslides section restrictions on traffic notice.
Through the geological experts on-site survey,Ground Compactor developed a repair program, repair work on December 15 again. The repair work has been higher and local government departments and leaders of the high degree of attention and strong support, the provincial highway and the main section of the main section of Haidong to rush to repair the front line, urging the supervision and repair work.
Xunhua highway section is also active with the Shizha Road Administration Brigade, Shizha County Government and scenic areas related management departments,pothole repair machine in africa the total section of the conservation center to communicate and coordinate the work together to do the repair work.