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flooring will become the future development trend of the three layer parquet originated in Europe, in 1990s the development of our country, because it overcomes the shortcomings of wood flooring, develop their advantages in Europe, has become a fashion product, and gradually been accepted by domestic consumers, the market potential is very large. Three floors of the market prospects of the three floors of parquet is a more avant-garde floor, which combines the advantages of wood flooring, it has become a
fashion product in Europe and the United states. The thick board table of more than one hundred years from the large diameter logs sawing plate, high quality hard, generally 3 ~ 6cm thick, made of advanced over thick wearable board, and can be used after the floor after planing, paint again after the new paint, wood floors and durable. The unique structure of the three layer is arranged in a crisscross pattern the physical properties change, the stability is much higher than other wood, wood floor. The middle core
board and the backboard which has soft texture, good elasticity of the cork tree, and fully guarantee the foot comfort, but also has a good sound-absorbing and adjusting the temperature and the humidity. Again, it has only three layers of structure, with a very small amount of glue, in addition to the Shanghai four wood products Co., Ltd. using imported rubber and paint, good environmental performance. Three layer solid wood flooring in Europe in 50, the average price of 100 euros / m2, seems to have very high
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