Planning your deck is a big project

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Go to your cover, not just with a nail. Screw it up so that nothing can pass through the gap, because it's too tight. Statistics show that the screw deck last 50% longer than the deck only nails. Use only 100% acrylic exterior paint or stain. It is a waste of time and money in the long run. You want your paint or stain to decay over time, so your deck is not. outdoor waterproof flooring pictures. Once your deck has been built properly, please don't be afraid of the surface coated with the deck every 5 years to keep it looking good for many years, unlike composite materials, a real deck, you can change the color of your wife, often tell you too much! And then build a new. There are a lot of new materials in the market, such as composite materials, longer, come in more grain and color, and there may be more complex layout. At one point, the cost of repair and maintenance on the old deck exceeds the cost of the new deck. building a fence from pallets. The next decision is whether you want to build it yourself or prefer to hire a professional to do it for you. It obviously depends on your skill level. Deck can be just a simple rectangular space or more complex and prominent, angle and railing. You have to make that decision. I know my own limitations when I had my deck built and I hired a professional. It's beyond my power. Other considerations involve local code. They are different from each municipality, and you have to check with the local authorities to find your city. Composite Deck tiles Materials.