is two floor splicing

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seal integrity, if damaged, should be timely repair. Pay special attention to the wood floor and floor tiles or marble and other parts of the moisture barrier and isolation, and bathroom, kitchen protection isolation. Keel height depending on the ground conditions, but not less than 1.5 cm, width shall not be less than 3.5 cm. Local rough places should be renovated, wooden pad gasket can be used thickness is less than 5mm. Need to be reminded that, after a keel to do after cleaning and vacuuming, then uniform release
of bamboo charcoal, Zhangmu block moisture proofing agent, insecticide. Matching the floor of the floor of the keel must have a fixed nail. In the fixed floor, should pay attention to whether the floor have a slot in the end, the adjacent floor height is too large or puzzleSolid wood flooring has a natural sense of wood, easy installation and maintenance, corrosion and moisture, and other advantages of being used by the owners of the decoration. According to the different classification of solid wood flooring is also
different, the main points of high hardness of the solid wood flooring, general hardness of solid wood flooring, soft wood floor three, the specific content is as follows. Solid wood flooring hardness classification: film hardness is a reflection of the solid wood floor surface film strength, had a close relationship with the wood floor material and film thickness of the material itself, the national standard, superior quality wood flooring film hardness index of 2H grade; grade and quality products more than H. 1 high hardness
color combinations for deck and arbor composite wood walkway deck do it yourself wood fence designs