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achieve acceptance to laying; (2) surface inspection of wooden floor, should be within three days after the completion of acceptance, more than at the inner surface of the warranty acceptance specification layer. Two. The inner surface layer of solid wood flooring warranty testing specification of solid wood flooring after a week on the surface inspection, according to the surface layer of WB/T1016---2002 and WB/T1017----2002 in the wood flooring warranty inspection specification for inspection, as follows:
1 surface roughness surface roughness should be laid: solid wood floor is less than or equal to 6mm; solid wood flooring less than 3mm. The 2 splicing height difference wooden floor although after scientific processing, won't produce big change, but it should be is a natural attribute of material, there will be shrinkage wet expansion and dry "trace, the assembled height difference laying surface height difference is 0.1mm. The solid wood floor is less than or equal to 0.7mm. Composite wood floor is less than or equal to
0.3mm. 3 assembling slot width and the width of the assembly gaps of the same reason, allowing the wood floors and wood deviation increases, with floor because structure change, the variable is small, so they assembled slot width respectively: solid wood flooring wood flooring is less than or equal to 2.5mm; 0.3mm. Three. During some 1 warranty should indicate the inspection specification in test specification should be in accordance with the normal maintenance (1) regular cleaning, hunting, local dirt cleaning
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