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completely real wood material unique, all matte processing glass door can also be selection of fashion design. On the other hand, the color of the wooden doors and walls, floors and furniture are closely related to the color of soft decoration. Designer Wang Dianfei suggested that if you are not too sure, as long as you close the door of a "color environment" can, or floor or furniture or decoration, and then in the details of a difference, so as to ensure no mistakes, another point is wood, metope and ground is good to
keep the same color. But the color is best not to do exactly the same, the details of some of the differences in direction, prevent the ground with metope confusing, abate bedroom space. Two, only by cross section determination of material purchase doors must have this experience, into a wooden store, the sales staff in addition to introducing the characteristics of wood itself, will come up with the doors of the cross section for customers, but according to insiders, consumers buy only by cross section is on the door not
live, because of good products, customers can't split doors check whether, when a lot of real objects with wood than the cross section shows a lot of discount, thousand yuan price actually only six hundred or seven hundred yuan material, may also sell solid wood door of the price, but the inside of the filler is honeycomb paper. The second obvious problem is that it is made of wooden doors in Shaanxi, but Guangdong is the door, the door of the Beijing coat". "Xi'an has specialized processing point, to where the
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