after some time, wood the keel

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wood keel is too large, so even if the floor in the installation process, the installation workers will wooden keel leveling, floor after installation without floor sound problems, but after some time, wood the keel or because of the change of moisture content to lose balance, resulting in the floor. To avoid this situation is mainly in front of the installation of the floor, let the wooden keel in the room for a week, so it can effectively reduce the occurrence of this situation. 3, some workers in loose keel fixed wood floor
installation construction with a wedge plus nails, cause for driving nails with surface is too small to nail holding power is insufficient, extremely easy to cause the loose wooden keel, there will be noise floor stampede. This requires the installation of solid wood floor with the construction of a good discussion to discuss the master, choose a good keel fixed. 4, we all know that lack of floor cracks the installation of wooden floor is to have enough reserve gap, or expansion during the production of solid wood flooring
the naked eye is difficult to observe the minor arch, between wood floor and keel has produced a gap, so the wood while he was walking on the floor under the friction noise will tremble. The sound situation is very common, so the installation should be enough slot reservation, if this happens also don't try to reinstall the refurbished processing, general can look at the effect of damp wood floors, if the damp wood floors produced serious deformation, especially tight state of solid wood flooring it won't sound
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