The defect of bamboo floor

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Choose and buy of floor of the heat of the earth's interior floor honour enjoys terrestrial heat of 3 pattern of big error weather series product is analytic category of floor of the heat of the earth's interior is various, characteristic each are not identical. less flammable decking material. Because listened to those who differ to guide the member that buy introduces,so a lot of consumer often are met when buy, and be done by the view of all sorts of mutual contradiction muddleheaded, made wrong choice thereby. Editor of China floor net is everybody today choose and buy of floor of check terrestrial heat 3 big errors, floor of terrestrial heat of pattern of analytic weather honour enjoy series product, hope choose and buy of choose and buy of hot to your area floor is helped somewhat. composite decking panels white 4 x 8 Canada. The principle that the ground warms the floor chooses is appropriate thin unfavorable thick general solid Muderede board ply is 17 millimeter ~ solid Mu Fu of 18 millimeter; closes and the ply of floor of aggrandizement terrestrial heat is 15 millimeter are mixed respectively 10 millimeter. Because ground quantity of heat passes a floor to deliver the surface, inevitable meeting has hot loss, ideal ground warm floor must can fall these losses to to build deck over concrete steps.