End of road maintenance work

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Chishui River Valley Road, one end of China's first wine town linked to Maotai Town, the other end of the world's natural heritage Danxia landform Chishui City; the middle of the string of Chishui Chishui red culture,reliable diesel asphalt rollers national wine culture, Pakistan culture, salt culture, Culture, etc., is a beautiful tourist culture corridor.
Chishui Valley tourist road from Renhuai City Maotai Town, through the town of Xishui County, only in Chishui City, which motorway main line length of 153.6 km, bicycle road slow line system 154.3 km, along the 12 townships. The main line by the G212, S303 and G546 composition, the use of design speed of 40 km,road cleaning snow plo the roadbed width of 8.5 meters of the two highway standards, to the local people to provide a well-off road, to the national tourists to provide an eco-tourism road. But also will become a national travel enthusiasts a good place to travel.
DOAN sets of road machinery CLG509A hydraulic stretching paver, CLG6212 double steel wheel and CLG6526S tire roller to high-quality paving and compaction operations,4 ton hot box 6x8 infrared help Chishui River tourist road in the end of April 2016 opened to traffic. And will continue to work on the construction of the Red Holy Land Zunyi!