coating, it is not harmonious

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determines the appreciation of things are different, young love full color, color and strong impact force of the floor, so that it is dynamic, and their youth are consistent; middle-aged people mature, have their own aesthetic view, in the clear tone of most like lighter, color elegant and quiet floor; older people would love heavy practical, luxurious atmosphere floor. Wood flooring and furniture color to color collocation: ground color to set off the color of furniture and to calm gentle tone, because the ground is a
permanent decoration decoration, under normal circumstances, would not change, so to choose more neutral colors. From the tone, the light colored furniture can be combined with the depth of the color of any combination of wood floors, but the dark furniture and dark wood flooring with the need to be extra careful, so as to avoid the whole room is too dark and depressing feeling. Wood floor color selection techniques: 1, the election of white as white gray is now many families prefer to use the white floor, I hope to
have a quiet atmosphere at home. But the white floor in the care of more trouble, the color is more brisk recommend the use of gray system, easy to give a person the feeling of quiet, it will not cause the wall color heavy floor color light "top-heavy". 2, yellow floor with green walls and some family love using slightly yellow on the floor, the walls will use "adjacent color" rule, can choose the adjacent green and yellow, so that we can create a very warm atmosphere. 3, Black Tea color floor with pink deep color floor
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