main keel should not be greater

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arrogant upstart; natural random but well produced, out of gas and Jianghu Kusano gas, can be boarded in good taste. Old ship wood flooring advantages: 1, floor by handmade, reflect the characteristics and charm of the original ancient wood; 2, each floor is elaborately designed, handmade, with "unrepeatable" art creation feature, highlighting the extraordinary master of the 3, after the water out of the ordinary; hundreds of years the immersion and stamping, wood quality more tough, wear-resistant, natural
environmental protection waterproof, fire prevention, pest control is better; 4, the ship wood floor to usual care and maintenance is simple and convenient, as long as the sun can be strong to avoid. Old ship wood floor specifications: wood floor price: the old ship wood floor material scarcity, it is priced slightly higher than other wood flooring, wood flooring ship price of about 450-800 yuan / square meter. Ship wood floor maintenance skills: 1, keep the floor clean and dry, if air drying in wet mop or put a basin of
water in the heating or humidifying humidifier. 2, try to avoid sun exposure, so as not to surface aging, cracking. 3, the local board accidentally contaminated stains should be removed promptly, if there is oil, use cloth dipped in warm water and a small amount of detergent scrub, if the drug or pigment, must be removed the stain into the wood surface before. 4, try to avoid contact with the water for a long time, in particular, can not contact with hot water, so once there is hot water on the floor, it is timely to dry. 5, best
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