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Reporter from the 37th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) exhibition was informed that by the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. to invest in the construction of the world furniture headquarters base will be started in the near future, according to the planning, as the core of the project headquarters of the world's headquarters building tower High 538 meters, 112 floors on the ground, the ground floor 4,bistro chair covers for weddings will be settled in the world famous brand furniture business R & D design, sales headquarters, after the completion of Dongguan will become a new landmark, Dongguan will also be an important window with the global furniture resources docking.
The world furniture headquarters base is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the new village furniture Avenue and S256 (Wandao Road) Interchange northwest, that is, Houjie Ka Wah Hotel next to the planned construction in 2017, 2022 began production, the project Positioning in the furniture industry to build high-end office, R & D design, industrial finance, international trade and trade and urban construction of the depth of the integration of the world furniture headquarters base, is committed to become the global furniture industry,pvc chaise lounge chair the depth of integration demonstration projects. After the completion of the project is expected to be able to accommodate more than 100 world brand furniture business headquarters, regional operations center, R & D and other institutions settled, is expected to achieve annual output value of 10 billion yuan.
As the center of the world furniture headquarters base, the world furniture headquarters building tower height 538 meters, 112 floors on the ground, underground 4, settled in the world famous brand furniture business R & D design, sales headquarters. At the same time, will further improve the related apartments, research and development, conference supporting services, supporting the furniture headquarters R & D center, exhibition industry conference center, green release center, new materials development center, product center and related association supporting services, talent apartments and other functional areas The "After the completion of the World Furniture Headquarters base, will be the depth of the city to promote integration, is conducive to Houjie town furniture manufacturing industry, exhibition industry,bistro bar set portugal the hotel industry to achieve coordinated development, build industry ecology, enhance the forward momentum." Dongguan furniture club People told reporters that at the same time the project to headquarters office, research and development design, e-commerce and other modern service industry-based, will also attract a large number of high-end, high-quality talent gathered in Dongguan.