more expensive than admirable bamboo floor

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The branch that Zhudebanye has complete bamboo floor and bamboo Mu Fu to join a floor board, the component that shop outfit makes keel and straight shop from time to tome collects fees different. But go up in the price, admirable wooden floor is more expensive than admirable bamboo floor. 2, bamboo floor and defect of wooden floor actor are compared greatly go all out (one) , the actor defect check of wooden floor . 1, floor of wood of wooden floor brief introduction is the floor that be machined directly with lumber and becomes, it is the most traditional with old floor board. Real wood floor (call log the floor again) have nature of free from contamination, decorative pattern, elegance to answer heavy, rich qualitative sensibility, flexibility is true wait for an advantage, it is current the first selection material of laid of the floor in domestic decorate. Its defect is not wear-resisting, lose luster easily. . 2, defect of wooden floor actor 4 big advantages: (1) has natural talent color, annual ring and grain, natural and beautiful, have outstanding visual effect. (2) flexibility is good, grind coefficient is small, the foot feels comfortable;(3) has;(4) of good heat preservation, adiabatic, sound insulation, sound-absorbing, insulation property to use old hind can cut through dig, after removing paint, paint again face-lifting. Two big drawback: (1) dry demand is higher, unfavorable in humidity change greater place is used, otherwise easy happening bilge, shrink be out of shape;(2) is afraid of acerbity, alkaline wait for chemical to corrode, be afraid of calcination. .