ceramic tile, is the new green

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wood floor in the construction process of the wood floor around the reserved 8mm telescopic gap, the need to install special buckle with marble and steel door, are connected with the wall, need to install the baseboard can. Three, cork flooring installation requirements (1) the floor around the need to reserve 8-12 mm expansion joints. (2) the floor moves parallel to the light. Four, cork flooring installation process (1) cut the lower part of the door, so that the floor along all the walls are left with 10mm expansion
joints. (2) laying damp proof film. Two thin film between the requirements of the overlap of 20 cm, meet the wall requirements of 5cm. (3) in order to better reduce the noise and reduce the noise, the laying of 2 mm thick cork pad (recommended laying). (4) the floor should be laid along the direction of light entering the window. (5) check if the wall is straight. Start from the right corner. To the room. The rest of the first line can be used for the next line. (6) if the wall is very uneven, you can draw the uneven line on the
floor. (7) to confirm that the first three lines are straight. Note the use of wedge to leave expansion joint. (Cool cut the last row of floor like this. (9) if in the middle or the end of the pipeline, please cut. (10) the end of the bridge is the floor: buffer height difference edge connection. Is a lot of people want to learn about the installation of cork floor, after all how wood decoration effect is in large part by the installation process to decide, the installation process is not good, will remain hidden, after using the daily life of cork
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