Roadtec CP100 sweeper machine for use on road construction sites

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Roadtec is now offering the CP100, a simple and robust sweeper machine for use on road construction sites. This is designed to work in conjunction with milling machines, global and china asphalt sprinkler market 2017allowing a contractor to clean the surface of a roadway after planning has taken place. The machine is said to remove any remaining surface dust and debris quickly and effectively. It is particularly useful on sites where debris could pose a hazard, such as for airport runway work.
This 7.7tonne machine features a patented cleaning design, its flow system featuring an 813mm diameter brush that is 1829mm wide that rotates at 1,500rpm. It has dual moldboards to direct materials to the conveyor system for fast removal. Power for this heavy-duty unit comes from a 74kW Kubota diesel. Other features include folding end-gates for quicker brush changes during operation and easy maintenance access to grease points,concrete chipping hammer price filters and the electrical system.