Asphalt road construction solutions demonstrated

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Austrian crushing equipment manufacturer Rockster Recycler says that its new R700S combines compact dimensions with high efficiency and throughput.Low weight and compact transport dimensions are said to be key features of the Rockster R700S impact crusher, which offers fast set-up times and high mobility. Proven features from the firm’s bigger plants are used, including a hydrostatic drive and an optional screening system. Measuring just 9m long by 2.4m wide and 3m high,laser screed concrete price this 19.9tonne crusher can, according to Rockster, be moved quickly from one site to another, while it is also versatile and can operate in tight city applications where space is limited.
The hydrostatic drive allows infinite adjustment of crusher speed for optimum product quality and is also said to have lower maintenance needs than comparable clutch systems.The crusher can handle up to 140tonnes/hour with an inlet opening of 710 x 650mm and also comes with a reinforced rotor and multi-adjustable wear plates,asphalt maintenance ltd while an elevating screw provides adjustment of the swing beams.
The optional Rockster Screening system consists of an RS73 screenbox and an RB65 return belt, providing a versatile crushing plant in one machine. As with other Rockster crushers, the R700S is equipped with large covers providing good access for service and maintenance needs,cooper asphalt paving cost as well as allowing effective ventilation of the drive-unit and the cooler.