Raw materials and artificial double prices, furniture industry who pay?

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Six samples of furniture to take inspection, of which five test results for the "timber does not meet the requirements," the existence of density board when the solid wood to sell, low-end materials that North American imports of wax wood phenomenon. March 15, the newspaper continued to report the matter, the involved shops and market side has apologized, commitment to the future business integrity. In the course of the survey, classic second hand bar furnitureonly a chair after the test with the business claims that the same content, the material contains the ash wood ingredients, the price is cheaper than the coke is also cheaper. March 17, the store official said, "the so - called hidden rules affect the fair competition between businesses, but also disrupted the order of the furniture market.
March 13, the business sector on the three stores involved in law enforcement inspection, Lianzhong furniture store was investigated, shoddy furniture was sealed, the shop belongs to the Central Park furniture wholesale general manager Li Mingjie to the consumer to apologize to him Commitment will further improve the regulatory and penalties mechanism, will actively cooperate with the business sector survey, will strengthen the management and increase the intensity of remediation. Shopping guide in the introduction of furniture, exaggerated the composition of solid wood, description and physical does not match. For the existence of the problem,backpack beach chair with canopy Vatican home vice president Xie Zhenxing responded, "special to the consumer expressed his sincere apology." He said that in the future if the consumer to buy the furniture texture is not true, the store will triple compensation The.
"On the morning of March 16, Barbie shop owner Yang Wenqing interview with this reporter said that the business sector law enforcement inspection that night, the store sent to the Guangdong manufacturers Verification and found that the material purchased by the reporter is really based on rubber wood. Yang Wenqing explained that due to the factory description of the main material for the wax wood, publicity materials are also written to the main ash wood,white folding table and chairs shop in the purchase, procurement and other aspects of the good pass, follow-up will actively cooperate with the business sector investigation, In accordance with the "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" retreat three, he also promised "will be legally operating, the sale of each piece of furniture with product brochures, and various parts related materials accessories."
"For the media exposure of the market problems, the majority of the world is very sorry." The majority of global furniture supermarket deputy manager Dai Changqing said, after the publication of the shopping malls have been a comprehensive inventory and found that all the furniture out of the box. The inconvenience caused to consumers will be paid in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Dai Changqing said, the next time will be sampling the market within the sale of products,plastic bistro folding tablestrengthen the supervision of the business, so that each product are accompanied by instructions. At the same time, consumer complaints once verified, the market will be the first payment.