A substantial increase in the amount of wood solid wood furniture into the domestic market "darling"

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After nearly a month of visits to the investigation, tracking team, the police found that some of the old furniture has been transferred to Jiangmen City, Jianghai District, some old furniture shop selling, but the stolen goods specific unknown. After further investigation, proved Jianghai District,folding aluminum pipe beach chair a furniture factory boss Chen Mourong (male, 24 years old, Jiangmen Jianghai people) have acquired the suspects of the acquisition of stolen goods.
February 20 at 8 am, the task force police in Jianghai a furniture factory will be arrested Chenmou Rong, spot from its furniture factory seized the door of Pontiana, God Taiwan couplet, God Taiwan carved a number of stolen goods. Subsequently, the police also captured the stolen goods before the Kaiping Xinchang an old shop owner Zhang Yang (male, 49 years old, Kaiping City). In the process of tracing the stolen goods, found a man named Humou Yan (male,oak bedroom furniture sets uk 44 years old, Kaiping City) drug addicts suspected of major theft, and on February 23 in Zhaoqing suspects hymn Yan arrested.
The investigation, in December 2016, suspected of theft suspects Huomou entangled other drug addicts, to "take the suction suck" to raise the source of drug sources for the purpose of respectively, in Chikan, Xinchang and other places burglary "blank" Old furniture, and then sold to the suspect Zhang raised the suspect Zhang raised the stolen goods sold to the suspect Chen Mourong. At present, the suspect Chen Mourong,wooden folding clothes rack Zhang raised the suspects to conceal the crime of concealing the crime, the suspect Hu Mu Yan suspected of theft has been criminal detention, the case in the further trial.