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determines the reference point, and then press the base has been playing good mark the position in the grid intersection position adjustable base frame cross beam bearing screw rotation, first with a small line and level adjustment of the bearing surface height to the whole room, when steel pillars and beams constitute the integrated framework, application level leveling. Four, the laying of the activities of the first floor of the surface layer to check the laying of the floor
under the laying of the cable, pipeline, to ensure that the correct laying of the ground floor. First, put the buffer bar on the beam, and glue it with the beam. Adjust the height of the floor to ensure that the four corners are smooth and tight. Laying floor activities incompatible with the module, the insufficient part according to the actual size of the plate after cutting and patching, and equipped with the corresponding support and the adjustable beam. And the joints of
the wall, should be based on the width of the gap were used to move the floor or wood brush high strength adhesive inlay, narrow seam should be used foam inlay. Should then check the adjustment plate level and gap. Five, cleaning and waxing of cleaning the floor surface and rubbed the floor work. Anti static floor construction acceptance standards 1, the floor of the varieties, specifications and technical performance must meet the design requirements, in line
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