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repaint the wall effect of wood floor? 1, can not be removed, but the requirement of ground protection is very good, you have good workers, they work not for you to consider how careful, how will they come easy. 2, after the demolition of the floor and then there must be damaged, and some places are completely unable to install, the workers will certainly glue to stick to him, you have to spend money, the loss outweighs the gain. 3, eradication wall Guanizi
skirting place as long as the guarantee be careful not to get too wet. Home of the wooden floor for more than and 10 years, although there is no large deformation and cracking, but the surface has been worn, no gloss, but there are some local deep scratches, do not know how to deal with? The old floor renovation needs worn surface layer 1 - 2 mm thickness, so the surface layer is not thick enough being worn out will lead to renewed failure, so the thickness of
the surface layer of the floor determines whether to carry out renovation. On the market floor type, wood floors can not be renovated, and the thickness of surface layer of multi-layer solid wood flooring range, thin thickness of about 0.6 - 1 mm, the thickness of the surface layer like this cannot be refurbished and thick skin can be refurbished. In general, the solid wood floor can be refurbished, and the three layer of wood flooring products most of the thickness of
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