creating wood industry ecological

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environmental performance, the smell of the installation site, there is no pungent odor, the substrate is also more delicate, more color. Living home floor home life is an earlier production of composite flooring, to establish a strategic partnership with Malaysia Samling Global Ltd, from this point it is not difficult to see that life has strong support in the supply chain of funds and resources, its goal is mainly located in the antique floor, general designer is love. Cicero
floor from the floor of the Hua Sheng wood, in into the domestic wood flooring manufacturing, continuous development, innovation has become one of the top ten brands of wood flooring in China, in 1988. The pursuit of the style of the brand, the style is the main direction. Generally speaking, belong to high-end products, more suitable for the family budget choices. Leading Higa flooring is committed to creating a global, multi-layer solid wood flooring brand, its
products include wood flooring, geothermal floor, solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood floor heating. Del flooring listed earlier than the home of the big industry, the group's brand of the group, the group of industries covering the floor, research and development, real estate, chain, communications, logistics, education, investment and other fields of the world, the world's largest group of enterprises, such as the, the largest group of Companies in the world.
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