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On the other hand, industry of American timber production protects self interest to raising tariff special persistence. The situation of lumber industry market of the United States and Canada is different. So that the price of appropriate produces timber,Canada is big state-owned forest land can offer local timber mill, this makes American person of the same trade very envious. They think this is equivalent to Canadian government undertaking allowance to native lumber industry, insist to think the United States should impose taller custom duty to Canadian cork. This one effort of industry of lumber of the United States about 10 years ago fails, final two countries signed not additional the agreement that raises tariff, this agreement expired 2016. As the United States the lumber consumer such as construction trade association joins a debate in, although the agreement pulls Telangpu finally president of induction United States, whether to increase custom duty to also become not quite affirmatory. Although Telangpu group all the time since very strong to foreign trade manner, but if put American real-estate industry with forestry,compare together, interest issue is main home of consist in United States, is not the United States and Canada between. "price of patio decking material,plastic garden decking shapes,center match lumber tongue and groove"

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