furniture can be placed on the floor

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the use of dripping mop the floor, or with alkaline water, soap and water cleaning, to avoid damage to the paint surface gloss; if the air is dry in wet mop or put a basin of water in the heating or humidifying humidifier. 2 try to avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid the surface paint long under ultraviolet light ahead of aging, cracking; 3 partial surface dye stains should be removed promptly for accidentally, if there is oil, use cloth dipped in warm water with a small amount
of detergent scrub, if the drug or pigment, must be in the end such as stains infiltration wood surface before be removed; the 4 floor try to avoid contact with water for a long time, especially not in contact with hot water, therefore, once the water sprinkled on the floor, should be promptly wiped away; the 5 best every three months at a wax, floor surface stains will clean up before waxing. In fact, can not fight, but often playing wax, can maintain the floor finish,
extend the service life of the floor. 6 avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the floor or directly placed too hot things, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture. Three, strengthen the wood floor maintenance and strengthen the use of wood floor maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the daily use of the following points, you can ensure the normal use of the floor. 1 all wood floors will change with the environment humidity or
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