wood is wasted so that some of the traditional

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"tiger's mouth" structure of the bite, directly to the same material constraints each other, greatly enhanced the shrinkage of solid wood when the tensile strength, making all the wood can be as a whole, with the four seasons Temperature changes with the same rise, completely eliminate the Alice, slit and so on. In addition to the composite floor, the traditional solid wood flooring does not have the true sense of the resistance to thermal performance.
Because of the fixed way and material and other issues, in the winter, the climate is dry, the air moisture content is low, once in the geothermal this high degree of heat, dry conditions baked a winter, the next year certainly have problems, much trouble. "Tiger's mouth" solid wood flooring regardless of the level of moisture in the air, locking technology always let the floor with the same rise or up. It is this unique tenon structure, coupled with the days of
double-Ling has been successfully passed the 60 �� geothermal and 2000 hours baking experiment test, making it the first in the country, but also a very small number of the world can be directly laying geothermal system Solid wood flooring. This is not only Tiange Shuangling their own pride, but also the world floor enterprises in the rare example of the valuable. 4. Comparison of the problem of removable traditional solid wood flooring installation with a lot of
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