Big project of plan

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When building node city, although my area had had robot and high-end intelligence to make wait for group of 6 big industries, but still need more rich industry. Concerned respect is in capital attraction and the process that plan industry develops, from the market understanding lacks the lumber industry garden of a large major to southwest, examining quarantine bureau and custom understanding arrive to declare at customs in foreland into condition lumber the program that signs up for check is more complex. And always plain be in change the area also is upper reaches of the Yangtse River on the west harbor of fine of the first deep water, can use Jiang Hailian to carry means solves carriage problem. Below such setting, concerned respect thought of wooden industry. Look from necessity, in always plain establish entrance lumber to appoint port, it is to be helpful for promoting Yu Xinou the integrated function that international content sheds big channel better. Current, the lumber of Cheng Yu and southwest basically passes the coastal port such as Shanghai to enter condition, by sea carries Chongqing, arrive next and other places of Chengdu, Yunnan, Guizhou. "install wood wall planking,build a plastic picnic table,wholesale landscape iron window box"