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floor etc..     two, solid wood floor locking defects of the material, 1: not all of the wood, can be used for locking solid wood. A lot of wood, texture is not suitable for mechanical tensile force. 2, installation: and the buckle floor installation way is different, need special technology and technology. 3, the edge, the angle of processing, more stringent requirements. 4, shrinking joints require greater.     conclusion: the above is the analysis
of the advantages and disadvantages of small wooden lock floor of the house, and I hope to help you. Learn more knowledge of building materials, welcome attention to the house decoration.Mahogany wood floor is a kind of solid wood flooring, but also a very valuable wood flooring. So how does this kind of peach blossom wood floor maintain?. A brief introduction, mahogany floor authentic mahogany is mainly produced in South America, such as Honduras,
Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and other places of mahogany wood, heartwood reddish brown, diameter section has characteristic strip pattern beautiful, which is named after the. While k.senegalensis refers to the Meliaceae genus khaya wood origin in tropical Africa Congo, Uganda, Mozambique, Gabon and other regions; Philippines mahogany is farther if you buy the floor is wood, is really the origin is right, then buy mahogany, very early start its position in Europe
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