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kg of tension, so the lock floor substrate density, relative humidity, swelling and other physical properties are more stable. The 2 locking flooring is more simple, more closely joint, the overall survey results better lock floor by laser automatic correction, to avoid the wave height, the floor of the mouth, tongue like enterprises more accurate and smooth, reduce the error of manual survey. Due to the locking force of the locking floor, the floor is extended to the
whole along with the change of the temperature, which avoids the local bulge and solves the problem of the internal deformation of the floor.     3 floors can avoid locking plastic pavement ordinary dry mouth in the wooden floor paving process with adhesive connection, but adhesives contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, use more easily cause indoor pollution, with less afraid of insecure connection. And lock the floor because of the role of
locking force, even without glue, the floor seam is also very close, not because of changes in the temperature of the four seasons, cracking, uplift and other issues. 4 the locking floor can be repeatedly used for locking the floor and is convenient to store, and the disassembly is also easy. Lock the advantages of the floor a lot, but also a lot of species. The use of lock technology has 45 main angle inclined lock floor, double lock floor, snap lock floor, a type of lock
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