panel material for many varieties

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understand the three floors of wood shopping skills and matching principles. First, how to choose 1 solid wood flooring, the choice of brand recognition brand identification, pay attention to the name and address of manufacturing enterprises, should not buy three non commodity. Only the strength of professional enterprises have the ability to produce high-quality flooring. 2, look at the certificate of the three layers of wood parquet flooring name to the name of
the name of the wood species, the name of the commodity is not equal to the actual name of the species of wood, at present, a large number of species of wood, wood species are also different prices. The name of the state of the material species have a clear provisions, consumers can control the name of China's major imports of wood and the name of China's major timber and other national standards to confirm the name. National standards are usually
marked branch, but also to obtain the detection of wood species. Select the material is relatively stable material, and according to their preferences and economic conditions to choose. To obtain quality inspection report and check the quality report is true, it is best to report the recent inspection. There is no certificate of origin (on the import board); whether there is the national quality inspection center of the quality of wood-based panels report; whether the
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