uses unripe petroliferous

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Bureau of Malaysia lumber industry: Trash uses unripe petroliferous palm to do plywood,Bureau of industry of old horse lumber (MTIB) chief inspector takes Ding Shui of Gu Lalu of superintend and director, through research and development, oily palm works to be able to have been used to process the decoration that makes furniture or data by trash. He says, at present already 5 companies produce oily palm to do plywood, will machine with this material for furniture or adornment.After he attends the TANGGAM that bureau of industry of old horse lumber establishs to design central opening ceremony, say on the press conference, area of our country's existing oil palm garden is as high as 5.6 million hectare, the area that has 200 thousand hectare every year about can undertake breaking up planting, and metropolis be doinged by the oily palm of fell trees discards. On the other hand, design central issue in the light of TANGGAM, he says, the means of TANGGAM " join " (Sambungan) meaning, this is next establishing plan to allocate funds in the 10th old horse, aim to have the center of lumber design, especially furniture. "metal handrail panel designs,wear resistance composite deck boards,backyard composite wood flooring,wpc raw material production plant"