specific cellular structure

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various decorative floor coverings. Under the board for 800 tons, 350 tons of large overall press forming, the plant specific cellular structure, make the floor with higher strength, more beautiful appearance, on board by a whole stamping processing, the positioning connecting the upper and lower plates more accurately, the accuracy can be ensured. The upper and the lower plates are welded by adopting a semi-automatic welding machine, so that the upper
and the lower plates of the floor are closely connected. After welding with a large punch, the overall one punch cutting process to ensure the accuracy of the floor size. 1 floor steel surface anti-corrosion treatment of the floor after the use of automatic spraying equipment, so that the uniform layer, strong binding force, with a higher corrosion, rust resistance. The inner cavity of the floor is filled with foamed cement, and the inner cavity is made of non-toxic 425
Portland cement, and the strength, the solidification degree, the fine grain and the safety degree of the cement are all up to the requirements of the national inspection department. Dense and uniform foaming holes, plasma density of 1.2g/ 3 cm after cement, steel floor rushed slurry internal fullness. 2 upper and lower plate stamping forming the lower plate with 800 tons, 350 tons and other large press forming, the structure of our factory patented products of the
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