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Stone peak secretary-general and Huang Xianyang office grow to uncover a shop sign for Guo Xu group. It is reported, group of national brilliance of the rising sun by tree of height forestry centre, Nanning garden, Bo Bailin field, group is Yang Shanlin field, big Gui Shanlin field is first contributive person, its subordinate 8 areas are straight man-made board enterprise recombines. Group total assets 5 billion yuan, year business income 3 billion yuan, produce per year can amount to 2.5 million stere, rank Guangxi the first, countrywide front row. Lumber entrance measures count: Camphor tree child entrance of loose main haven measures data,In November 2016, camphor tree child the overland port with loose entrance maximum amount is full continent in, import 230 thousand stere in all, marine haven is convenient, the camphor tree of harbor of Qingdao harbor, hill of Dong Jia mouth, haze child loose import volume is total 39 thousand stere. Detailed circumstance sees figure below please: Sunshine dragon starts wooden line of business the 2nd branch throws manufacturing open new journey formally,On December 21, 2016, sunshine dragon starts wooden line of business the 2nd branch throws production formally, great plan is exhibited greatly, abundant course of study has inspire confidence in sb. "building materials composite decking,type product decking and decking chairs,exterior threasholds and laminate flooring"