To speed up the maintenance of large and medium road maintenance projects

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Recently, from the Shanxi Provincial Highway Bureau to promote the work of the key propaganda news, as of the end of April, the province's general provincial trunk road completed construction investment 1.08 billion yuan,concrete milling equipment an increase of 36.7%, to achieve the 2017 trunk road construction production opener.
This year, the Shanxi provincial government, Shanxi Province Office of the Highway Bureau issued the target task is to complete the construction investment of 3.5 billion. Highway Bureau Party Committee early planning, early layout, early in the morning to convene a highway work conference, the annual work carried out a serious deployment,concrete disc cutter with the branch signed a road construction target responsibility book, clear the year to build key tasks; Decomposition, the task assigned to the branch and the specific leadership in charge, the project responsible person, layers of compaction responsibility.
Tightly seize the favorable opportunity to warm the weather, pay close attention to the work of road construction to promote, in particular, do a good job of 12 continued construction work, strengthen inspection and supervision, so that the construction has maintained a highly efficient progress. In addition,how to fix a cracked motorway the provincial highway bureau also pay close attention to the project to advance the work, 13 key projects have 12 project workers can be reported by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved, the remaining one is also expected recently approved, "project shortage" phenomenon was significantly alleviated The province of road network structure to further improve the lay a good foundation.

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