limited room will be made up by the wall

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pattern, then the corresponding changes in the location of the pattern, in the back of the wood to see the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding is very good pure wood. Cross section: the color of the cross section is deeper than that of the panel, and it can be seen that the block is made of wood. 3, the origin of solid wood furniture structure depends on the stability of moisture content changes, will be
affected by ambient humidity. Buy solid wood furniture wood can look at the origin, as the saying goes "wood but the Yangtze River, is the real wood furniture production in the south to the north, because weather moisture content, and prone to crack, deformation etc.. 4, pure wood can now say that the market of solid wood furniture, most of them are not pure wood, a lot of wood and wood are combined,
which is part of the wood is made of wood-based panels. Board wood furniture, also known as solid wood furniture, and some businesses will be explained with the customer, and some unscrupulous businessmen directly on the price of pure solid wood sales profits. Pure wood can also be made of two different kinds of wood, such as the framework of a bed with a wood, bed plate with another kind of
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