forestry philosophy

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From the view of the long history of plantation, Fast-just a tributary wasn't supposed to happen in the process of forestry development, It is not an inevitable stage of the development of forestry, because, in the absence of the "Paragon" of Germany, the world will be another way of forestry; If the inheritance of the Chinese ancient forestry philosophy can be, at least in the forestry of China is also going to be another way.Chinese ancestors left us a rich legacy, When the Zhou Dynasty, they understand the "wish", "Yizhoushu" have been recorded the protection of nature and the forest, Whether the nature of the ideas or thoughts of forest multiple benefits of forestry in the forestry of China's early writings are addressed. Han shi's"Book of Si sheng"said:"every tree planted, must remember the Yin and Yang".The ancients regarded conifers as"Yin"and broad - leaved tree as yang.For forest society, it is only one species of broadleaf trees or conifers as if only men have no women or only women and no men. " composite lattice fencing Vietnam , wood shades fencing prices , moisture resistance principle of composite floor , good hollow board decking fence "