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Is   Maecenas still Hun? The Liu Yichuan of white hair of   full head says he is making public a circumstance to make a speech rarely, offend a person easily, but his new year's day should go to time of Beijing technically afterwards, reflect a condition to concerned branch.   " man-made board industry is civilian look forward to more, need sound support. The outside lacks understanding to this industry, not be to delimit contaminative industry returns namely for environmental Hun, only thorough investigation just is met to this industry still confident. " Liu Yichuan says.   occupies Introduction Shi Feng, differ with the real wood furniture that needs large requirements lumber, annatto furniture, the raw material of man-made board is artificial forest fast unripe lumber and lumber leftover material, natural Lin Youkan cut down red line, artificial forest the one big function that using is forest products however; And lumber is contemporary in material of 4 large bases exclusive but second birth, but the degradation, green material that can circulate, basic implementation picks Euramerican forestry developed country more more, benign loop. "industrial wood fencing pricing per foot,industrial non slip composite decking,plastic plank manufacturers in spain"