wood door ten brands ranked very interesting

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furniture is always welcome in the market of goods, solid wood doors are the same, solid wood door ten brands ranked very interesting, one of the reasons is that it is based on solid wood material made of wood material; the natural environment, but also has very good appreciation, strong plasticity, beautiful color, natural wood texture also can be used as a pattern to design, so now the market of wood produced goods are very popular, especially the well-
known brand products are more popular. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to know the ten major brands of solid wood doors, rankings and prices. The door is 1. Maxim's market is very well-known products, beauty up a large share of the market, widely used in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and so on, its products can be said to have entered the various sectors of families, very popular with consumers, China is well-known trademarks, brand-name products
China. The price of 1000 yuan in the 2.TATA industry TATA industry has a high visibility, but also Chinese's first dedicated finished bedroom doors of R & D and production of professional businesses, a very high degree of specialization, and the annual output is very large, with strong market competitiveness. The price of 2000 yuan -3000 yuan between 3. China wood industry is Mengtian Mengtian leading enterprises, not only the enterprise strength is
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