Folding bed cleaning and maintenance

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First, such as folding bed stained, can be used to wipe the milk, can make it more shiny and soft. Second, the folding bed accidentally stained with grease, you can first wipe with warm soapy water, and then erase the rubber can be. Third, the folding bed if stained with ball-point pen oil, it is best to erase the eraser can be. Fourth, if not a small beer, soda, coffee sprinkled into the bed, you can first dry with warm water, then wipe the water can be. Fifth, the folding bed if stick to the chewing gum, you can first ice to make it after the solidification can be removed. Sixth, if the folding bed accidentally touched the cream, you can first dry dry, and then wipe with a little detergent. Seventh, please avoid the folding bed placed in direct sunlight and wet place; Eighth, do not use alcohol to clean the stains, to prevent the product from aging. adjustable folding beach chair Bistro Cafe Lounge Chairs aluminum folding lawn chair webbing patio