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progressively exploration carried out sincere letter to trace to the source superintendency mode, superintend in aggrandizement beforehand, thing, performance of wooden railing material in south africa after the event dogs, came true " pressure time limit, fall cost, promote efficiency " . It is reported, beforehand is superintended basically is the time that uses shipping to rely on harbor discharging, deliver goods according to what abroad offers detail piles up sheet beforehand, to every boat examine sheet of data, relevant watch have accordance review a panels of wood for a football field for free case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court, depend on rich experience, examine quarantine personnel often can discover those who deliver goods detail piles up sheet to go up in this one phase " recessive distort " , the lumber that is like a few high quality, big norms by stealthily substitute one thing for another, or because shipping Cang Rong is finite,be partial lumber was not laded, mistake of formula of or setting commutation coefficient, computation cause volume empty to wait greatly. After although final data outdoor wpc floors supplier in china still remains,discharging is finished examine further, but mix by right of excellent check feet technology come for years the working style with sincere reliable letter,