Sofa selection of black

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dioxide, release oxygen. If you put two or three pots of cactus in the room, can increase the air of negative ions, is conducive to sleep and health. 4. Rose, Wisteria: the absorption of chlorine, purification capacity is extremely strong. 5. Narcissus: the ability to absorb mercury. 6. Marigold, petunia: can absorb the atmosphere of fluoride and so on. Home decoration
color with the principle of tough color: the center color is red, the entire floor of the ground floor red carpet. Curtains with blue and white printed cloth, and red carpet into a strong contrast. Sofa selection of black, furniture, mainly white, walls and ceilings are mainly white, so you can avoid the contrast and look strong. Light color: the center color is yellow,
orange. Choose the carpet orange, curtains, bedspreads with yellow and white printed cloth. Sofa, ceiling with gray tones, and then with some green plants as the background, so that the room is full of comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Elegant color: the center color is pink. Sofa, shade with pink. Curtains, bedspreads with pink printed cloth, the floor light brown,
black composite fence board foreign cost of the floor of bamboo deck steep on the ground put forward how to build the garden