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decided the environmental protection sex between plank, furniture and indoor air cannot draw good number. Additional, xu Guozhong also warns customer, plank is likely building a wood bench for a porch environmental protection, but but do not have sealing side,accept detected plate. Sequel produces the complementary material such as the glue agent that uses in the process, produce formaldehyde possibly also. This explained on certain level the floor that why accords with environmental protection standard becomes furniture, put excellent in later meeting formaldehyde exceeds bid. Domestic outfit and custom-built brand go out each " strange move " In succession to " high environmental protection " dress In fact, tongue and groove pine prices as custom-built market gradually hot, it is consumer is spent to the attention of environmental protection problem not just taller and taller, send more to satisfy pair of products better " slashing " user, numerous the domestic outfit that wants to extend antenna to whole house and furniture brand also send force severally already, go up in the research and development of environmental protection technology " who strikes first prevails " . spruce stockade wood fence privacy panel 6 ft x 8 ft Just roll out before long before " avirulent and custom-built " east outfit of Home Yi Richeng, with " technology of electrostatic and pulverous spray " replace traditional paint,