Guangdong furniture factory monthly salary of 4000 difficult general workers

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In today's era of personalizedization, the rise of custom furniture is no reason to be able to follow the creative needs of consumers and the actual needs of "tailored" to create a style of integration of the home environment, consumers are the main reason for custom pay one. But with the development of custom home market,high quality plastic beach chair and sun bed with canopy finished the home market is full of thorns? The future market, in the end who died?
In the home industry in the cold year, custom home contrarian and on. In addition, in line with the country's "supply side reform", consumer passive to take the initiative, which indicates that consumer demand has been transferred, "behind closed doors" and the trend of the times contrary. It is also due to the custom home of the popular, coupled with the traditional home market in recent years, the downturn,7 unit meja makan dan kerusi menetapkan kos it was predicted that the finished product home has been "dead end", will be replaced by custom home, so many finished products home business crisis.
However, customization, as a production model that emphasizes the individual needs of consumers, is destined to be different from large-scale industrial production, which emphasizes "quality" rather than "quantity". This "quality" for custom home, is the need for software, technology, data support. Some industry people pointed out that most of the current custom enterprises only in the "minor", can not be called the real "custom." Because most companies do custom is "halfway", the lack of basic skills, there is no corresponding software and technical support, there is no management of large data, and used in the past batch production, "custom" for them only change the color,Kerusi bot baldi sukan untuk dijual Size, this way distort the "custom" nature, often less effective, is tantamount to asking for trouble.