whole timber structure

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In interviewing, the reporter understands, at present Pi state city seized the opportunity of countrywide industry transition and structural adjustment, introduced " diy decking boards singapore Beijing in time to send the production of wood of a batch of large high end such as allied " , current company, had expanded relatively single in the past plate production the production of floor of door of zoology board, wood and household of finished product furniture, whole industry catenary is moving toward high end from low end, the area is in the treatment assemble of raw material to have not swell lap fencing panelschange to area of garden of wood timberwork industry. And the promotion application of the sticky agent of soja albumen glue that does not contain formaldehyde, will be link of key of developing of industry of whole timber structure of Pi state city. Shenzhen of settle of agency of Guangdong of association of national timber trade is special fast group China regards the world as the biggest lumber entrance country,discount deck railing spindles korea its average per capita is had and can occupy 0.114 hectare only for resource, be equivalent to world average per capita having an amount 17.8% of 0.64 hectare.