choose wood is a required course of decoration

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the quality of Chinese fir relatively light, so that without dirt, it is necessary to regularly maintain it. Fir furniture two points of attention, 1 homeFor decoration rookie, how to choose wood is a required course of decoration. Not because of the decoration engineering and the woodworking, woodworking wood, wooden decorative materials are often seen on the market today is the main variety of wood-based panel, artificial veneer, assembly and wood and
so on. The house Xiaobian introduce different wood to buy points. Wooden artificial board, wood artificial board is made of wood, wood fiber, wood or other plant fiber as raw material, with adhesive and other additives made of plates. The main types of wood-based panels are veneer, plywood, blockboard, fiberboard and particleboard. 1 plywood plywood is made up of three layers or more veneer. It is divided into two kinds: Hardwood wood, plywood
and coniferous wood plywood. 2. Fiber board is made of wood, bamboo or other crops, stems and other plant fibers made of artificial board. Fiber board is divided into three kinds of hard fiber board, semi hard fiber board and soft fiber board according to its nature. It is mainly used to reinforce wooden floor, door panel, partition wall, furniture and so on. 3, also known as particleboard particleboard chipboard, is wood chips as the main raw material, referred to
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