Tens of billions of space in Guizhou furniture market

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"Is also Japan, defeated Japan." This is a reporter interview, a number of Dalian furniture business description. Due to geographical location, port and other advantages, Dalian furniture export important market is Japan, Dalian export market, in addition to the United States, Europe and Russia, three folding sofa chair for saleSouth Korea, etc., 65% of the share from the Japanese market. 2014-2015, the yen depreciation of the yuan accumulated more than 30% of the Japanese processing enterprises have been reduced to 15% of the profits, so that Dalian furniture export business pressure doubled. And Japan in 2015 to increase the consumption tax, but also a direct result of Japan's domestic purchasing power shrinking significantly.
These are more simple market, a lot of Dalian furniture export enterprises in trouble, some companies even on the brink of bankruptcy. But this year,stackable resin cafe chair the Japanese exchange rate rose as the source, so that Dalian furniture export industry also appeared as a whole signs of recovery. The first three months of export orders grew 17% year on year is an example.
"Japan's furniture design is relatively simple, emphasizing the functionality." Dalian Shuanghua Yongxin Wood, told reporters that Dalian furniture industry over the years on the Japanese market dependence is relatively strong, the market is good, the order volume is relatively large, due to The process is more mature, there is a good income. But this transition depends on a single market inertia,compact inexpensive folding beach chair but also to most of the enterprise product development and design capacity is relatively weak, and pure Japanese-style furniture in the domestic market is not the mainstream, so in the context of the Japanese market downturn, these pairs Day export enterprises for a time it is difficult to transform the domestic market.
Troubled Dalian furniture industry, not only the export market of indecisive.In fact, Dalian Zhuanghe as early as 2006 to obtain the title of China's solid wood furniture industry base. But the reporter learned that, over the years, Dalian furniture industry chain, has not been fully established. In addition to the procurement of various types of wood from abroad can take advantage of the advantages of Dalian Dalian Dalian,bistro table and chairs sale the furniture industry upstream and downstream of many chains are lacking.