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In the article before wooden industry industry observes, we were elaborated " the brand changes layout to be able to send the product in user heart " this one viewpoint, and the key that content sale realizes this one process namely. Consider to make clear, the consumer of 90% discovers content sale is very useful, deck membrane under tile in at present most popular go up from media and gregarious media platform, one of 3 big the mainest reasons of netizen attention brand are " be interested in content " . Internet times, content sale already became the brand with greatly small whole world to have the mainstream kind of effective transmission, the mark is worn the arrival of times of window manufacturers for sale extensive content sale. We will see two groups of case with comparative very clear result, come the effect of sale of content of test and verify -- The front. With " bottle ana " the heat that the Jiang Xiaobai of travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling lent this to win broad and literary youth is held in both hands, buy wood composite materials india "20 yuan of little alcoholic drink achieved year of sale 300 million yuan " ; Small Gong Shufa of platform of community cable business moves consumption to amount to a person to make consumptive experience share platform with truer experience note, developed 24 million user finally with 3 years of time,