function of the floor products

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the principle of anti-bacterial publicity. Because of the current strengthening of wood flooring products, anti-bacterial effect, there is no national standard to regulate, corporate self-reference standards are not the same, so to the effectiveness of judgment to bring some difficulties. Experts suggest that the anti-bacterial function of the floor products. can only be on the bacteria, mold, harmful gas composition has a certain inhibition and decomposition, and can not be treated as a disinfectant to use, can not rely too much on these functions or antibacterial floor instead of disinfection Supplies. Consumer tips: Consumers to buy anti-bacterial function of the floor products, should pay attention to understand the manufacturers used by the anti-bacterial technology, but also to the business to ask the relevant departments issued a test report, these reports issued by the health supervision departments at all levels more reliable, In addition to the antibacterial mark of the product to meet the specific antibacterial experiments and norms, Related links: composite posts 4x4 diy deck autumn brown fence building plans tiles design for terrace flooring