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Does man-made board furniture pretend to be Walnut material to pledge? Look industrial and commercial how to help consumer dimension power Moving new home to buy new furniture is a festival thing originally, live in Chongqing however the Xie Nv of 10 thousand cities person a little depressed however. Recently,pvc panel fencing ireland substation of division of 10 thousand states mediates Chongqing city industrial and commercial bureau successfully one case controversy amount amounts to 19000 yuan furniture to consume dispute, let thank a lady to spare the flicker of undesirable businessman. On June 12, consumer thanks a lady to discover pool of tall bamboo shoot of division of 10 thousand states industrial and commercial place is complained, say oneself were in on April 30 this year salon road brand shop of 2 paragraphs of one furniture is custom-built the furniture with a Walnut qualitative material, goods is worth total amount to be 19000 yuan. And when businessman delivery is installed, composite deck tiles compare she discovers the material of partial furniture pledges with the sheet that order the agreement nots agree with however, include ark of bookshelf, TV, tall ark, tea table. Thank a lady furiously to find businessman theory, ask the businessman is new and custom-built or return deposit. However businessman however with " not clear " , " look for manufacturer "install tongue and groove composite flooring for rejected to thank a lady. But under, xie Nv person finds local industrial and commercial place to counterpoise for him dimension. Receive after complaining,