high environmental protection

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Solve the environmental protection problem that people pays close attention to increasingly, the place that solves everybody and. Have without the waste gas that steal a platoon,installing vinyl railing on precast concrete steps liquid waste, break the law deal with move (dangerous) solid is useless; Noise whether faze civilian. Contaminative processing facilities is pallet old old, whether accomplish amount to mark to arrange an issue? 3, blowdown examination Judicatory of two high environmental protection explains: The 8th: Violate national regulation, discharge, dump, deal with the contaminant that contains the material such as pathogen of harm sex, radioactivity, contagion, form pollution to deal with environmental blame, illegally at the same time the solid pvc white fence malta in ecuador trash blame of the entrance, put dangerous material on the crime such as the blame, the regulation with according to heavier punishment convictions punishment. 4, waste gas pollutes an examination As the attention of party and country, people to mist haze, waste gas is this to take seriously increasingly, also be the first point of garden wood composite floor technologies superintend of various environmental protection at the same time. Waste gas not only accomplish amount to mark to discharge, at the same time as far as possible decrease to contaminant quantify and go up pollution administers measure.