clean the floor

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Do not use a large amount of water to clean the floor.The surface of the floor has the stain, usually use the water mop without dripping dry can.If the chocolate, grease, juice, drink, and so on, only use warm water and neutral detergent.If you are contaminated with lipstick, crayon, ink and so on, use methanol or acetone to wipe gently. In the dry area of the north, it is necessary to increase the humidity of the floor surface in the winter, the wet mop floor, the proper increase of the surface humidity, can effectively solve the floor cracks and cracks.If the individual position produces cracking, please notify the sales unit in time, fill the local processing. After filling, the surface humidity should be increased appropriately to facilitate the restoration of the floor.6. The floor should be avoided as far as possible direct sunlight and high temperature artificial light source for a long time, so that the surface of the floor is chapped and aging. " security grilling on composite deck , wood like pvc flooring usa distributors , problems with composite pool decking , wooden deck designs with recycled wood "